EVAP Purge Valve

EVAP Purge Valve

One component of Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system is the purge valve. As the name implies, its function is to purge (or release) fuel vapor stored in charcoal canister to the engine by means of solenoid valve controlled by the ECU. The fuel vapor stored in the canister comes from the fuel tank as the vapor is prevented from escaping into the atmosphere.

Experiencing any of these symptoms? These are due to faulty purge valve solenoid

  1. CEL is on (valve open too soon or too late than expected)
  2. high fuel consumption (value stuck close)
  3. lean air-fuel ratio (valve stuck open, CEL is on)

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🔧 A VW Polo Hatchback 1.2 TSI came in for evap purge valve replacement.

🔧 An Audi TT 2.0 FSI checked in for interval service with Mannol Elite 5W-40 oil change.

🔧 A Passat B7 came in for wheel speed sensor replacement.

🔧 A Passat CC checked in for D1S xenon bulb replacement.

🔧 A Golf MK6 1.4TSI came in for engine rebuild with Wössner performance piston due to compression lost at first cylinder.

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