Improve Handling

Improved Handling by Software

Improved handling without any modification? Yes, it is just a matter of enabling appropriate features by VAG-Com coding. Depending on VW model, handling related features that can be enabled are:

  1. Torque steer compensation (TSC). This function prevents the car from leaning into one direction while accelerating in combination with powerful engine and unequal lengths drive shafts.
  2. Extended Electronic Differential Lock (XDS) for better handling. XDS is an advanced electronic differential lock, linked to a sophisticated Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) system. It is designed to maximise road holding and improve responses, especially when cornering.

More features coding

More about XDS…/braking-and-stability-sy…/xds


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  • A Golf MK6 GTi checked in for vag-com special feature coding.
  • A Skoda Superb 1.8TSI checked in for interval service with Castrol Edge Professional 5W-40 oil change and faulty oil seperator replacement.
  • A Golf MK6 GTi came in for auxillary coolant pump replacement.

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